TLF specializes in Measures and Best Practices in three categories that are essential to performance excellence and Baldrige accreditation. In addition to the services below, TLF Research offers:
• Training and Workshops
• Benchmarking comparisons to other organizations
• Actionable research and monitoring of trends

 Customer Focus

We can help you focus on what your customers want most, and help everyone succeed.

Evidence-based customer surveys, measuring satisfaction and voice-of-the-customer feedback
Prioritizing opportunities for improvement that will matter most to customers
Customer loyalty and recommendation, including Net Promoter Scoring

Workforce Engagement

TLF Research offers comprehensive measures of the twelve elements of workforce engagement.

Comprehensive measures of the twelve elements of workforce engagement
Employee satisfaction and commitment surveys
Prioritizing opportunities for improvement that will matter most to employees


Evidence-based measures of organizational outcomes is one example of the results TLF Research offers.

Outcome-driven measures of organizational outcomes
Identifying improvement opportunities with the highest ROI
Supplier satisfaction measures


Whether delivering a keynote address at a large convention or conducting performance excellence training in workshops, we are known for bringing passion and insight along with practical solutions to your team, board, organization or conference. Training Topics Include:

Effectiveness in creating and delivering quality outcomes happens through a methodical commitment to quality techniques which will galvanize exceptional service and teamwork and will improve financial success.
All economic sectors are being challenged to innovate in order to stay effective. The Baldrige Framework is an outstanding system to develop and sustain value through new ideas.
Management concepts related to performance excellence will strengthen your leadership capacity and passion to implement creative and innovative changes for your organization.
The greatest opportunities to add more impact and persuasiveness to Baldrige applications is through more meaningful customer and employee results. Learn how to connect with stakeholders more powerfully by developing and focusing on outcome-driven measures.
Learn how to tell your organization’s story better through focused performance measures that will differentiate your business to all stakeholders.
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